Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Cedar Expressions be painted?

A: Because we use kiln-dried shingles, Cedar Expressions™ can be finished using any appropriate cedar coating.

Q: How long will cedar shingles last?

A: Many variables influence the life of a shingle side wall. Red Cedar's natural resistance to rot and insects is one reason shingle side walls have been known to last over 50 years. We use certified #1 grade R&R shingles - only the best for your Cedar Expression™.

Q: What about breakage?

A: We have reinforced the susceptible shingles in our designs to help ensure they remain intact.

Q: What type of fasteners should I use to assemble my Shingle-by-Number Cedar Expression™?

A: Fasteners should be corrosion resistant, i.e. hot-dipped zinc, aluminium or stainless steel (type 304 or 316). Nails (3d box) or staples (16 gauge) may be used. Because of layering in some designs, nails or staples should be a minimum of 1¾ inches in length. Local building codes supersede the above recommendations.

Q: Do you offer any kind of warranty?

A: As the manufacturer, we warrant compliance with the British Columbia building code’s requirements as to materials used, as long as the contractor or owner installs the product correctly.

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